Companion Plants of Parsnips

Some gardeners are not comfortable spraying chemicals and pesticides to parsnips.  They believe that if a garden is balanced enough, chemicals are not needed to avoid pests and diseases.  To achieve this balance, they use companion planting.

Companion planting is not really based on science but more on observation.  But science or not, it seems to work.  Crops are planted along with other plants to use scents that would repel insects.  Others choose specific companion plants to attract beneficial bugs.

What are the plants that can help protect parsnips?

You can plant garlic and onions, which repel slugs and aphids.  Bush beans, peas, radish and potatoes are also great companion plants with parsnips.     

Companion planting, aside from protecting your crops, also maximizes the space of your garden, especially since parsnips take several months to mature.  It improves how your garden looks and some gardeners say crops grow faster, taste better and produce more if they are planted with beneficial plants.