How Do I Sow Parsnips Seeds?

While parsnips are not everybody’s favorite, this root vegetable is deliciously sweet and easy to grow.  Once you have gotten your seedbed ready for planting, it’s now time to sow your parsnip seeds.

How do you sow parsnip seeds?  It’s pretty simple.

Once the soil is dug, drill the soil at a depth of about ¾ to an inch and drop at least three seeds in each hole.  The seeds must be at least eight centimeters apart.  You can thin them and leave only the strongest plant to grow later on.

Parsnip seeds have a bad reputation when it comes to germination.  They not only germinate slowly, some of them don’t germinate at all.  What you can do is to pre-germinate the seed by spreading them on top a moist kitchen towel.  The kitchen towel must be put on a seed tray and then placed in the airing cupboard and other similar areas.

Remember to keep the towel moist at all times.  You should see the seeds germinate after a couple of weeks.

If you are planning to do more than one row, each row must be approximately 40 centimeters apart.  You can always use a pre-marked board or a string guide if you think you will have problems in estimating the space.

One other thing to remember before sowing:  wait until early spring to early summer before sowing.  If you are in an area with a temperate climate, you can sow the seeds from midwinter to mid-autumn.  This is because soil that is warm encourages seed germination.