How Long to Wait Before I Can Harvest Parsnips?

You should consider growing parsnips if you live in an area with a cold climate and if you don’t like tending to sensitive plants.

Parsnips are hardy and not just grow in cold temperatures, but thrive in it.  However, one thing about parsnips is, they take a long time to grow.  They need a very long growing season – from approximately March up to December.  This means they would be occupying the space in your garden for the most part.

Another reason why most gardeners sometimes leave parsnips out is to expose them to frost before harvest.  The cold helps parsnips convert starch to sugar which makes it taste sweeter.

Germination of parsnip seeds is also long – about three weeks in soils with a temperature of 50 degrees.  To shorten parsnip’s long growing period, gardeners pre-germinate seeds before planting them out.  Doing this should shorten the long wait period of its growth for a few weeks.

But parsnips make up for the long wait by demanding little attention.  You can also grow crash crops while waiting to make the most of your garden space.

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