How to Water Parsnips

No flower, plant or crop would live without water – or at least some of it, no matter how little, at one point or another.

Parsnips need to be watered, too.  And although they are not very sensitive and require little attention, there are still some minor watering specifications that must be followed to ensure a successful harvest.

During germination period, the seedbed must be kept evenly moist – not saturated – all the time.  If they don’t get enough water, the roots will be tough and will likely rot, split or stunt their growth.

Parsnips need an inch of water per week.  When their roots begin to thicken, you can reduce watering them lest their root will crack.  The same thing will happen if you let the soil go too dry – the roots will absorb too much water too fast, which can cause the roots to crack.

Once your parsnips are already established, you would require water when the top two inches of the soil is dry.  Ideally, it’s best to water your parsnips deeply only once per week than watering them often with too not enough water.

To help retain moisture to the soil, you can add straw or wood chip mulch to the soil.