When are Parsnips in Season?


Parsnips have a unique growing season.  Where other crops and vegetables thrive in the spring, the peak season of this hardy root vegetable is in the fall all throughout winter.

A family of carrots, parsley and celery, parsnips grow very slowly and need a long and cool growing period – about 100 to 130 days.  It can withstand the cold – even freezing temperatures.  In fact, parsnips taste better and sweeter when they are harvested after the first frost.

Why?  Parsnips need the cold to convert its starch content into sugar.  When it’s left in the ground in winter, this vegetable will actually taste sweeter and more pleasant – the very reason why it is a vegetable popular with kids.

Parsnips look quite a lot like carrots except for its color which is pale yellowish-white.  It has a nutty flavor and is most often cooked than eaten raw because of its fibrous texture.  However, young and fresh parsnips are delicious when consumed raw.