When Do I Thin-Out Parsnip Seedlings?

Gardeners thin out seedlings, be it parsnips or other vegetables.  They don’t do this just because they want to.  There are very important reason why thinning seedlings is necessary for the growth of crops.

Thinning produces healthier plants because if the weak ones are removed, they will have enough room to grow.  There will be no more competition from nutrients and water plus, there will be good air circulation between each plant.

When parsnip seeds germinated and emerged to the ground, wait for a few more weeks or until they reach a height of about four centimeters before thinning them out.  You would know they are ready for thinning when they have at least a set or two of true leaves.

After thinning, there should be a distance of two centimeters in between plants.  You can thin out the parsnips again when they are six inches tall and the space between each plant must be at least two inches.

It’s best to thin parsnips late in the afternoon or early in the evening.  The soil will be damp by then so it’s easier to pull out the parsnips.  It would also give them time to adjust before exposed to the heat of the sun.