Why are Parsnips a Good Baby Food?


It isn’t a common baby food but it doesn’t mean you can’t give babies parsnips.

Like potatoes and other vegetables which can be made into baby food, parsnips have a sweet, nutty taste which your baby would surely love.  This same nutty sweetness will help to nurture your baby’s love for vegetables.

Aside from their taste, parsnips are also loaded with vitamins and nutrients your baby needs to grow.  It has Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, calcium, calories, some protein and more.

You can start feeding your baby this delicious root vegetable when he is about eight months old.  This way, he’s less likely to get food infection because her digestive and immune system are a little more developed.

Parsnip is a great first food for babies.  You can puree it, steam it, boil it, or roast it.  However, when feeding small babies, it’s best to cook the parsnips longer so it can be mashed or pureed easily.  Parsnips also have a strong taste so use only in small quantities.

Why go through the trouble of making baby food out of parsnips when you can buy bottled baby food?

Since you are making the food for your baby yourself, you have control over what’s going into the food.  Spooning pureed vegetables out of a bottle might be easier, but you can’t be sure that what you’re feeding your baby is 100 percent fresh and preservative-free.

Aside from that, making your own parsnip baby food is also cheaper.  So the next time you see parsnips at the farmer’s market, you should consider buying some and creating your own delicious version of parsnip baby food.